Stewing with Mitchell and Chilled Beets

This past week, my son Mitchell and I made a stew with ground pork, ground beef and fingerling potatoes. It was delicious. First we boiled our fingerling potatoes – skin on, of course – until cooked but still crisp. We moved the hot potatoes to a colander and then sauteed a simple mirepoix of Peace Valley Farm’s onion, green pepper and red pepper in olive oil until the onion was translucent. While it cooked we added a heaping tablespoon of minced garlic and about a teaspoon of chili powder. Next, we added a pound each of the excellent ground beef and ground pork we picked up from East Mountain Farm. We put the lid on the pan and let the meat cook. Next we added a 32oz can of diced tomatoes … I don’t know why we didn’t use fresh tomatoes, but we didn’t … weird, I know. At the same time we added the tomatoes, we put the fingerling potatoes back into the pot and let the whole melange simmer for 15 minutes. It was righteous! The veggies were left a little al dente so they still had a crunch to them which created a nice contrasting texture with the smooth beef and tomato combination. The chili powder made it taste a little like – you guessed it – chili. A beanless chili. Mmmm … maybe that’s what I should have called it instead of stew? Whatever.

We also boiled 5 large beets we got from Peace Valley Farm and then chilled them before cutting them into 1/2″ cubes. Those chilled beets are so good … by themselves, with a little Greek yogurt or on top of a salad. Wow!