Special Treat Saturday, October 5th - Hobson's Chargilled Burgers

Special Treat Saturday, October 5th – Hobson’s Chargilled Burgers

Joining us for a delectable lunch treat will be Hobson’s Choice Restaurant, setting up a charcoal grill to serve burgers from local grass-fed beef, topped with tomatoes and onions from Peace Valley Farm. We’ve been looking forward to Hobson’s arrival all season, and now that the fall football season is upon us, bring on the burgers! Owner Dan Campbell will start serving at 11:00am, and will continue until the market closes at 1:00 pm — or until all burgers are gone, whichever comes first. Note, this Saturday will probably be the only appearance by Hobson’s at the market this season. With an enthusiastic response from the community, perhaps we can persuade them to come weekly!