Vendor Rules

These rules provide a fair and equitable framework within which participating vendors may prosper. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the steering committee or the market manager. The steering committee has the discretion to make adjustments to these rules.

1. All vendors wishing to participate in the market shall submit a completed and signed application. Vendors shall set up at the market only upon approval by the steering committee and in compliance with the terms of such approval.
2. All vendors are required to comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations for labeling, food safety, and tax codes.
3. All vendors shall have a sign at their booth with their farm or business name.
4. All fees shall be paid on time as described in the vendor application.
5. Vendor spaces are for a 10’ x 10’ canopy. Special permission may be granted for vendors desiring additional space to display their products.
6. Each vendor shall keep his/her space neat and tidy at all times. Vendors are responsible for carrying out any trash generated in their area during the market and cleaning up after the market.
7. Vendors should plan to arrive in advance of opening and should be ready to sell five minutes before opening.
8. Vendors are encouraged to carry their own insurance. The Williamstown Farmers Market insurance does not cover individual vendors.
9. All meat products must be wrapped, USDA approved and stamped. No meat products without a USDA stamp will be permitted as per Massachusetts law.
10. All scales used for establishing prices at the market must be sealed by an official local or state Sealer of Weights and Measures. In Williamstown, the Health Inspector is responsible for certifying scales.
11. Prepared food vendors shall clearly identify the sources of ingredients in their products.
12. The market manager has the authority to require that a vendor remove a product for sale at any time if the manager determines that the product was not on the vendor’s original application, is inconsistent with the goals or mission of the market, or if there is any inappropriate labeling or signage (for example, labeling a product as certified organic if it is not).
13. If a vendor sells out of product before the market end time, it is not permissible to drive through the market or to carry tables, canopies or other equipment through the market area while customers are still present. It is beneficial for the market as a whole to have vendors present and well stocked with products for the duration of the market.
14. No vendor shall smoke anywhere in the market area or be under the influence or drugs or alcohol at the market.
15. Vendors shall, at all times, treat each other and the community with respect and in keeping with the mission and goals of the market. All disagreements shall be discussed with the market manager or member of the steering committee in a private
setting. No outbursts at the market will be tolerated.
16. Vendor spots may not be sold, transferred, or rented at any time. Only the approved vendor (or member of their family or business) may use the booth. Booth sharing is at the discretion of the steering committee.
17. Vendor stall locations will be assigned by the market manager. No vendor is guaranteed a certain spot, and all vendors are expected to be flexible to accommodate the needs of the market.
18. Any vendor who wishes to erect a canopy (including tents and umbrellas) at the market is required to have their canopy safely secured with weights. This requirement is for the safety of other vendors, customers, and neighboring businesses and traffic.

Please direct any questions or concerns to:
Steering Committee Co-Chairs Bill Stinson (413-458-4866) and Anne Hogeland (413-441-4811)
or [email protected]