Vendors at the Market – Saturday, July 5th

Welcome one and all to our market, now in Week Seven! We’re pleased to be celebrating with all of Williamstown the exciting Fourth of July weekend festivities and the grand opening of The Clark’s expanded galleries. Check out the Clark’s website for a listing of ten hours of activities planned for Friday, July 4th. On Saturday from 9am to 1pm, the action will be at the base of Spring Street, where you’ll find our market in full swing. Back by popular demand, more

A Fine Morning for Music – Saturday, July 5th

Once again, we’re pleased to be featuring three fine student-musicians to add festivity to the market. This week, we have both familiar players and new faces. Gef Fisher returns to play his solo classical guitar for us, while Maija Lindaas will be back on the lovely harp. New Williams College musician Ruby Froom will be playing as well – on an instrument to surprise and delight. Thank you to the Fund for Williamstown for supporting this wonderful program! more

Three Market Musicians – Saturday, June 28th

This week, we welcome three new musicians to the market! From 9:00-10:00, Kevin Eagan will treat us to the wonderful sounds of his bagpipes. For the next hour we’ll hear a familiar instrument but different player, the talented Samantha Polsky on the violin. Afterwards, Maija Lindaas will surprise us with her lovely music. Stop by the music tent to say hi to these Williams College students, who are enjoying the Williamstown summer and are very excited to share their music with us. more

Vendors at the Market – Saturday, June 28th

Welcome one and all to our market, now in Week Five! At our June 28th market, you’ll find:

• Sweet Brook Farm – everything maple, including syrup, nuts, and candy, plus alpaca yarn
• East Mountain Farm – Kim Wells brings local grass-fed beef, pork & free-range poultry – sausages, ground beef, deli ham, bacon, and more. Kim’s smoked pork chops are out of this world!
• Peace Valley Farm –Their harvesting now in full swing, more

Peace Valley Farm – Celebrating the Solstice with Bounty!

To many, Bill and Susie Stinson’s Peace Valley Farm produce offerings are a highlight of the Williamstown Farmers Market. Less well known, however, is their record of attendance. The Stinsons have been consistent vendors at WFM, rain or shine, for over 30 years! If you’ve eaten at fine local restaurants, chances are you’ve sampled their fresh-picked produce. Since they don’t sell directly from the farm, WFM is the only place to purchase their veggies to use in your own salads and recipes. more

Vendors at the Market – Saturday, June 21st

We’re now in Week Five of our 2014 season, celebrating the Summer Solstice with bountiful and diverse offerings! This Saturday, our Heritage Artisans booth will offer special demonstrations (hands-on for children and adults) of traditional basket-making. Watch how classic weaving techniques transform reed into one-of-a-kind baskets.

At our June 21st market, you’ll also find:


• The Quimbys at Blair Farm – bedding and potted flowering plants and veggie starters, eggs, maple syrup, more

Music at the Market – Saturday, June 21st

This week we’ll have four straight hours of music, starting with Gef Fisher on the classical guitar from 9:00am to 11:00am. Last week, a very young listener sat attentively just in front of the guitar case while Gef played several pieces – Gef’s music appeals to an audience of all ages! And Sato Matsui, locally-renowned violinist, will play from 11:00am to 1:00pm. This will be Sato’s final appearance at the market until August. In the meantime, she’ll be busking in outdoor venues in Paris! more

Prize Iris Rhizomes, Oh My!

This week, Nick Wright of Wright’s Organic Produce brings a wide spectrum of interesting orchard and garden produce. This Saturday only, he’ll offer prize iris rhizomes to beautify your flower garden for years to come. He plans to bring current blooms to show the color expected. And if you’re not an iris expert, he’ll gladly give you a tutorial on how to start with rhizomes – defined as horizontal, underground plant stems capable of producing the shoot and root systems of a new plant. more

At the Market, Saturday, June 14th

Welcome one and all to our market, now in Week Four of our 2014 season! If you’re visiting the Williams College campus to enjoy reunion festivities, please stop by to partake of the wonderful offerings to be found right here in Williamstown. Our Heritage Artisans will offer special demonstrations (hands-on for children and adults) of traditional wool combing and carding. See how these ancient tools are used in modern fiber art, and learn the history and techniques involved. Watch how fiber is loaded, more

Music at the Market – Saturday, June 14th

Gef Fisher is back on the classical guitar from 10am to 1pm. Gef continues to provide lovely music for close listening as well as strolling and shopping. He plays a range of pieces from Classical to Modern periods. Gef’s specialty is Romantic music, where his repertoire is particularly impressive. Thanks to the Fund for Williamstown for sponsoring our fantastic music program! more