All the fresh veggies imaginable! Join us for the height of summer to gather all the ingredients for perfect summer side dishes and salads: baby lettuce mix, squash, fresh kale, rainbow bunches of beets, cucumbers, and so much more. In need of a thoughtful gift? Stop by Nora’s yarnwork (with adorable knitted animals looking for homes!), Memphremagog Studio’s fine silver jewelry, Peterman’s bowls crafted from locally fallen trees, Beach Woodworking’s Shaker-inspired items, and Alison Kolesar’s whimsical artwork.  Or simply join us for the summer breeze, sugar snap peas, and R&G cheese! 

Here’s the list of vendors and their offerings this week:

Local Farmers
Peace Valley Farm – zucchini squash, rhubarb, Swiss chard, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, and German thyme!
•Sweet Brook Farm – local maple syrup (in varieties perfect for tasting, cooking…and over pancakes!), maple candies, maple roasted nuts, and alpaca socks
Bear Meadow Farm – Rick is back with his dry and semi-dry hard ciders and cider vinegar, plus beehive products, including assorted honeys and honey candies, versatile beeswax bars, and bee pollen
Blair Farm –the Quimbys are now bringing fresh-picked produce, including loose leaf lettuce, spinach, radishes – also bedding flowers and veggie plants, maple syrup, eggs…and more eggs! Look for a sale on bedding flowers this week! 
East Mountain Farm – Williamstown’s Kim Wells brings an impressive array of pork and beef products, including link and bulk sausages (sweet, hot, and breakfast), bratwurst, tenderloin, ribs, chops (smoked pork chops — yum!!), bacon, ham, steaks, ground pork and beef, London broils — plus new all-pork liverwurst and smoked pork kielbasa. You can sample Kim’s meats in Robin’s yummy grilled sandwiches!
Hay Berry Farm – Lawrie will be bringing blueberries and black currents! also fresh-cut lavender, dried flowers and arrangements, honeys – with and without the comb, and several types of lavender seedlings
M and A Farm – Michelle and Autumn bring spinach, radishes, basil, garlic scapes, chicken eggs, duck eggs, pork, and goat milk soap!
•Mighty Food Farm – Lisa brings a colorful assortment of head lettuce, lacinto kale, green curly kale, collard, garlic scapes, purple kohlrabi bunches, cucumbers, scallions, radishes, haukeri salad turnips, baby lettuce mix, bunches of beets: red, gold and chioggia, summer squash, zucchini, and parsley!

Local Prepared Food Vendors
•Robin’s – Delicious grilled-to-order sandwiches and baked goods by Robin Lenz, including banana breads, gluten free brownies, molasses cookies, lemon pound cake and scones. Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches featuring market vendors R & G cheeses and East Mountain deli ham. New this year (and already famous!) breakfast sandwiches with egg and cheeses, plus East Mountain’s bacon and/or breakfast sausage…perfection!
•Chris’s Kitchen and Serendipity Quilt Designs – jams and jellies galore, conserves, batik quilts, and table runners – spicy and sweet pepper jellies, new…rhubarb jam, tastes like rhubarb pie!
•Cindy’s Cookin’ Greek – Cindy is back! And we’re so excited about her new items: Kreopita (a lamb, pork, and leek pita – available in a dinner tin for 3-4 or as a hand held pie for grab-and-go), dolmathes, rice, and herb stuffed wild grape leaves. She also brings her legendary moussaka, pastitsio, spanakopita tins and read-to-eat triangles, hummus, eggplant dip (melitzanosalata), pita bread, salad dressing, and baklava
•Hobson’s Choice Restaurant – Dan Campbell’s famous grilled-to-order beef hamburgers and cheddar cheeseburgers (topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and/or onions), chicken teriyaki, portabella mushrooms, and lobstery lobster rolls
•R&G Cheese Makers – Sean brings a delectable assortment of hard and soft artisan cheeses, both cow and goat’s milk, made nearby with locally sourced milk including fresh chevres, blue, mozzarellas and ripened goat cheeses…taste a free sample or two or try some grilled R & G cheese in one of Robin’s sandwiches!
•GoodNight Kitchen – We’ll miss Leslie and her treats this weekend, but she hopes to rejoin us soon!

Local Artisans
•Yarnwork – Nora Phykitt has been hard at work all winter creating comfortable and fashionable knitted, crocheted and felted clothing and accessories…her cottons are especially soft!
•Alison Kolesar – Williamstown’s accomplished multi-media artist brings whimsical painted rocks as well as paintings, collages, prints, totes, and notecards. Alison will be at the market about once a month this season
•Beach Woodworking
Shaker-inspired tables, benches, boxes (including a special knitter’s box), cabinets, coat racks from locally sourced wooden boards – including ash, cherry, pine, hemlock, butternut, and chestnut…some from ancient barns!
Berkshire Mountain Pottery –
Anne is back with her functional hand-thrown and hand-crafted stoneware made here in Williamstown, including plates, platters, and bowls — espresso and latte cups, and coffee/tea mugs galore!
•Crow Hill Farm
 an array of lovingly prepared arts and craft kits (such as owl treasure keeper, design your own sailboat, create your own notecards), greeting cards, miniatures (gnomes, elves, fairies), hand knit items from alpaca and cotton…and new birthday fairies!
•Memphremagog Studios
silver earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, etched stemware glasses, silk scarves
•Peterman’s Bowls & Boards
wooden bowls (from local fallen trees!), trays, napkin rings, salad tossers, bottle stoppers, cutting boards
•Heritage Artisans
 the talented group of four will return next week with their basketry, spinning, weaving, knitting, and soaps ! 

We’re so pleased to welcome two gifted Berkshire Symphony violinists! 
From 9am to 11am, Abigail Soloway brings us her inspirational folk melodies. From 11am to 1pm, we welcome back the captivating Kevin Zhou.